Birthday Gifts

Someone's birthday is just around the corner, and you've been pouring out your brain for the best birthday present ideas in town?

Look no further! At TheImprint Singapore, we house plenty of distinctive birthday gift selections – ones that are prepared with warmth and heartfelt thought. Whether you are getting a gift for your friend, co-worker or a family member, every gift selection at THEIMPRINT makes any occasion extra special. Our birthday present ideas in Singapore are designed to put a smile on your recipients’ faces.

The best thing is – every birthday present at THEIMPRINT will be accompanied with a lovely gift box for easy wrapping and gifting. All personalised and customised birthday gifts will be ready in 1 to 3 days. Need it urgently or a bulk order? Drop us an email at!

What makes THEIMPRINT the best gifts for friends?

A Gift to be Used, Remembered and Appreciated
We strongly believed that each gift should be special and meaningful. No one wants to receive a gift that they won't use.

THEIMPRINT gifts are designed to be suitable for everyone and for any occasion.

Personalise or Customise It!
Each gift should be special and meaningful.

With our simplified system and processes, you can easily create personalise or customise gift that is curated specially for her.

This will definitely be the main reason why she will love you gift

All our products are no more than $70 and quality is never compromised! (Doubting us? Check out our customer's review)

21 products

21 products