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Words are never enough to thank all the teachers out there for all their hardwork, devotion, and effort to teach us and to grow us. They are our teachers, our mentors, and our guidance in life. There is no better way to thank them with a gift from our hearts. Get a personalised gift with their names/initials to show your appreciate towards them. At , find the best product that relates to them and create this unique one of a kind gift. Without teachers, we will never be who we are today. Thank and appreciate your teachers with our variety of gift selection on teacher's day this year.

23 products

23 products


Given Singapore’s high-pressure education system, some students might find themselves spending more time at school than at home. The schooling environment becomes a second home of sorts, and the friends and teachers that accompany our children become their second family. Sometimes, words are just not enough to thank teachers for all the hard work, time, and effort they’ve put into guiding and mentoring the hearts and minds of our children.

Showing our gratitude is always important, but the right Teachers Day gift can be difficult to find. At THEIMPRINT, we offer a selection of customisable products that will help convey just how much you appreciate the work teachers do. Nothing shows the care taken in selecting a gift more than an item that’s personalised to the recipient.


It can be puzzling to think of a practical but unique gift for Teachers Day. After all, how many more sets of pens and pencils does a teacher need in his or her life? Don't let your token of appreciation go in vain. At THEIMPRINT Singapore, we’ve curated an array of timeless pieces that are highly functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our selection of notebooks, lanyards and pouches are all fully customisable with your chosen monogram of a teacher’s name or initials. Special emojis options are also available for some added personality.


When it comes to Teachers Day, you should not have to invest in overly lavish gifts that carry whopping price tags. At THEIMPRINT, we understand the significance of working within your budget. That is why we keep the prices of our premium gifts affordable without compromising on quality. We offer free shipping throughout Singapore, and all our items come with a complimentary gift card for you to pen a note of appreciation to go along with the gift! Feel free to get in touch with us through our online inquiry form if you have any questions regarding our products, or the customisation options available for your Teachers Day gift.