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If you are looking for customised corporate gifts in Singapore that flawlessly reflect your brand identity, look no further than THEIMPRINT Singapore to do so! Right at our platform, we bring unique corporate gifts ideas in Singapore to do so! Right on our platform, we bring unique corporate gift ideas to a whole new level – be ready to ‘wow’ the recipients!  

6 products

6 products


Whether you intend to revamp your marketing and promotional strategies, host an upcoming corporate event such as your annual dinner and dance or foster strong customer relations, corporate gifts can come into the picture to take everything up a notch. Not only do corporate gifts serve as a unique and impactful strategy to boost relationships between the organisation and the receiver, but they are also a powerful way to exhibit recognition and appreciation.


With our extensive catalogue of corporate gifts in Singapore, you can count on our curated selection to cater to your formal gifting needs. Be it Work Essentials or Everyday Essentials, and everything in between that will aptly enhance everyday life in the corporate world, you can find in our catalogue. Fulfill your corporate gifting goals with THEIMPRINT!


We have witnessed seemingly impractical corporate gifts being chucked at the dusty corners of office desks or lockers in Singapore, and we do not want your efforts in preparing these gifts to be in vain. At THEIMPRINT, we have gathered the most timeless gifts, such as leather laptop bags, phone cases and customised notebooks that are highly functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A corporate gift is not complete without a touch of personalisation or customisation. After all, you want to engrave your brand name in the hearts and minds of the recipients, and at the same time, communicate sincerity. There is absolutely no better way to win your receivers’ hearts than to prepare customised corporate gifts in Singapore.


Personalised gifts and customised gifts let the recipient know that the company truly values each of their contributions — be it clients or staff members. Connect with the recipients on another level by engraving our premium corporate gifts with your brand’s or receiver's name and bring pride to your organisation. Establish a positive work culture and company reputation with us today. 


Our premium corporate gifts combine both common needs and wants. We offer gift options that are useful for everyday work life, at the same time, something that would be desired because of their impeccable style and design. You don’t have to struggle between choosing fashionable gifts over functional ones, because at THEIMPRINT, we offer the best of both worlds. The best part about our corporate gifts? They come in different sizes and colours so you can choose one that perfectly fits your brand identity.


When it comes to corporate gifts, you do not have to invest in overly lavish gifts that carry whopping price tags. At THEIMPRINT Singapore, we understand the significance of working within your budget – and that is why we keep the prices of our premium corporate gifts affordable despite their unrivalled quality standards. 


At THEIMPRINT, we make sure our customers in Singapore achieve their corporate gifting goals. If you have any questions about our corporate gifts, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or +65 87908757. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and assist you in getting the best corporate gifts.


1. What are some nice corporate gifts?

Feeling stuck when it comes to corporate gift ideas? While it may seem like the list of things to get is endless, there are a few no-fail gifts you can get to keep your company top-of-mind, and we’re talking about customised or personalised gifts. Be sure to also pick something that will be useful to your recipient’s corporate life too.

2. How do I choose the best corporate gift?

Corporate gifts are important for any business in Singapore or beyond. They help build relationships between organisations, employees, customers, and clients. The key to choosing the best corporate gift is finding something unique, relevant, and memorable, such as a personalised cardholder or phone case. 

3. What is a good small gift to show appreciation?

Adding a personal touch to any gift shows that you care about the recipient, which is always appreciated. While it is always the thought that counts, going the extra mile to have their names or initials monogrammed on a gift like a personalised Airpods case, for example, will aptly relay your message of gratitude and appreciation.

4. What is a good gift for employees?

Getting personalised or customised gifts is a creative way to let employees know that you acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Find personalised gifts that would be useful to them in the workplace. Some of these gifts to consider include a customised notebook, leather laptop bag or thermal flask available in THEIMPRINT’s online catalogue. 

5. What gift do companies usually give to their customers?

There is no better way to show your customers that you care than to send them a customer appreciation gift. But of course, you’ll have to pick something budget-friendly yet practical. At THEIMPRINT, we not only make our corporate gifts affordable to all in Singapore, but also take bulk orders for products like custom phone cases and customised mugs. 

6. What are some good corporate giveaways?

A good corporate giveaway should raise brand awareness as well as intrigue the recipient to explore more of what the company has to offer. You can get them customised tote bags and maybe surprise them with additional goodies inside like a customised mug, lanyard cardholder, or keychain that will remind them of your organisation.

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