If you are looking for an online store that offers an abundance of gift options in Singapore, you’re at the right place. Find out more about our company by reading on!

Humble Beginnings

It all started in 2012 when THEIMPRINT Singapore was founded as part of a school project. We started with this naive idea of bringing in mobile phone accessories and innovative products to the mass market in Singapore. This naive idea soon transformed into producing personalised gifts for that special touch and customised gifts that cater to customers in Singapore who are looking for gift ideas for their friends and loved ones.

At THEIMPRINT Singapore, we are more than a regular online gift store in Singapore. We believe that gifts should be something special and meaningful. But gifting should not only be limited to others in your life. Why can't we get a gift for ourselves too? That is why we recently launched a series of personalisable products that can best express you as an individual!

When you choose to shop for gifts on our online store, you have the chance to get creative – that’s because we let you customise your gifts with us. That’s what makes our products and services extra special.

Shopping with THEIMPRINT

At THEIMPRINT Singapore, each individual item is professionally printed locally to achieve a fast turnaround and ensure quality consistency. We also adopt a made-to-order policy to ensure that your product is not kept on our shelves for months on end before being delivered to you.

We design all online gifts with a minimalist and functional approach. Adding on some elements of personalisation, not only elevates the appeal of the gift but also makes for the perfect present for anyone and on any occasion, such as birthdays and farewells.

At THEIMPRINT Singapore, we value the importance of ensuring a high level of product quality, premium customer service and a smile from you and your loved ones.

Browse our collection of online gifts in Singapore to explore the world of premium gift-giving.


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