Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the season of joy and giving - that means taking on the role of Santa and embarking on your personal gift-giving venture. While one may have a plethora of Christmas gift ideas up their sleeves, finding the perfect present for the jolly season can be challenging, especially when you have to check multiple people off your gift list. But fret not! Whether your company is hosting a secret Santa session or you’ve simply been searching high and low for the ultimate Christmas gift, you’re in luck! At THEIMPRINT, we have got all your Christmas gifting woes covered. On our one-stop online gift shop, you will be able to get your hands on some of the most affordable and one-of-a-kind festive gifts for every budget. Create a unique present for your loved ones this Christmas. With the option to monogram your receiver’s name or have initials printed onto some of our best products, your gift will be a keepsake that will be held dear eternally.


There are several reasons why customised gifts are the best - and no one knows that better than THEIMPRINT. Apart from being able to get your hands on your ideal Christmas present at a competitive price, all our products in Singapore are of superb quality! Made-to-order and personalised to a T, you can rest assured that every gift on THEIMPRINT will last a lifetime. Not to mention, all the items will come with a gift box for easy wrapping and gifting!

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At THEIMPRINT, we strongly believe that allgiftsshould be special and meaningful, especially duringChristmas! Since it is the season of giving, gifting something practical and long-lasting is sure to make a lasting impression. THEIMPRINT gifts take it up a notch with a personal touch, making it special for anyone on any occasion. Moreover, our signature products are made with materials that are scratch, tear, and abrasion-resistant. Trust us when we say that your recipient will be impressed!


Going all out with the Christmas theme? When you choose from ourPersonalised series, every one of our signature products is made with high-quality Saffiano Reinforced vegan leather. Staying true to our belief in cruelty-free gifts, our lightweight, smooth, and soft vegan leather has the same aesthetics and visual appeal as genuine leather. Besides offering comparable durability and quality, choose base colours like burgundy and monogram text colours like gold or silver to embody the festive theme.


Searching for the perfect Christmas presenton a tight budget? All our items in Singapore are priced at affordable rates, without compromising on quality.


Ready to conquer the season of giving with THEIMPRINT? It’s time to share the love with your friends and family with the best of what the world of gifting can offer! With options for everyone from your workaholic loved ones to globetrotting friends, we boast a wide selection of gifts in our gift shop, including work essentials and travel must-haves. So what are you waiting for? Be the best gift-giver every holiday season with THEIMPRINT!

Be it the Personalised or Customised series, with THEIMPRINT Singapore, you can easily personalise or customise a gift that is specially curated for your loved ones every Christmas. Our personalised and customised Christmas presents will be ready in 1 to 4 working days. If you need the gift urgently or procuring a bulk order, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team in Singapore via email at For more information on our lead time and delivery services, refer to our FAQ page for answers to common queries.


Whether you know what your recipient likes or are completely out of Christmas gift ideas this season, gift-giving is made easy with THEIMPRINT. From a thermal flask to gift to your gym buddy or an AirPod Pro cover case for a music-lover friend, gift options are aplenty on our online platform. Let THEIMPRINT help you spread the Christmas spirit all over Singapore and beyond with our gift ideas. 

While the gift trends change every year, you can never go wrong with practical gifts that one can use for years to come. For Christmas presents that stand out, take your pick from our unique gifts in Singapore that are sure to create a lasting impression. We also boast Christmas gift options like customised mugsleather luggage tags, or passport covers that are truly one of a kind.

The Christmas gift exchange is the perfect chance to show your appreciation to colleagues and friends. THEIMPRINT offers affordable corporate gifts in Singapore for everyone on your exchange list. If you are exchanging gifts at your family gathering, THEIMPRINT has you covered with a range of other gift options that are sure to tickle your fancy too.