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Here at THEIMPRINT, we strongly believe that the best tote bags are practical and speak volumes of one’s character or personal style. Unlike other expensive and branded bags that are owned by many, these bags that are available at THEIMPRINT are truly one of a kind, and you can rest assured that it’s one unlike any other.


In this day and age, it is extremely common for people to turn to customised gifts to spread the joy of personalised gift-giving. Beyond hitting the spot of giving something that is made just for the giftee, a personalised tote bag tells a story, making it all the more unique. Whether for an acquaintance, a client, or a loved one, printing their names on their bags, passport covers, cardholder lanyards, and luggage tags will send a clear message that you truly care.


Practical and versatile gifts don’t have to be boring. Neither do luxurious leather tote bags have to come with a hefty price tag. At THEIMPRINT Singapore, we keep our prices competitive so that you can keep your gifting budget in check.

Deemed the new “IT” bag, tote bags are slowly gaining recognition for their functionality and practicality. Light and easy to carry around, this versatile piece doubles as a fashion statement. Whether you are looking for a personalised gift that is a nod to your recipient's laid-back style or a chic leather customised tote bag with your recipient’s initials monogrammed on it, THEIMPRINT Singapore has just the solution for you! If you’d like to make each gift personalised with names, you’re sure to find one that is befitting of your ideal carrying needs, style, and budget.

So, if you ever find yourself questioning what you could ever gift a loved one or a close friend, you can rest assured that tote bags will be a unique choice. With the availability of personalisation services, these sturdy leather bags have gradually morphed into not only the ultimate statement accessory, but also a safe gift choice even when maintaining professionalism is a necessity when corporate gifting

To make an impression that lasts, and leave your gift recipient in awe of the effort put into creating a one-of-a-kind gift, choose from the wide array of tote bags available at THEIMPRINT.


With our range of tote bags at THEIMPRINT Singapore, you, your friends, and even colleagues, clients and acquaintances will be able to keep their belongings with style. Interested to pair the laptop bag with other customised gifts? Discover our personalised phone cases that make great gifts for men and women alike.

Looking to have your order personalised? All personalised and customised gifts will be ready in 1 to 3 working days. If you need them urgently for an event or occasion, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team, and we will try our best to cater to any of your gifting occasions.


Tote bags can be used for many functions ranging from carrying groceries to running errands to casual day bags for a weekend outing. If you are searching for a go-to bag that you carry around wherever you go and store almost anything you need, then our customised leather tote bag is perfect for you. 

A tote bag is a simpler type of bag that opens much wider than regular handbags. Canvas tote bags can be easily rolled up and stored in a handbag or backpack for additional storage, whereas leather tote bags serve as spacious smart casual alternatives to smaller handbags,

Although sizes may vary across different brands, the average tote bag measures about 33.02 cm x 38.1 cm. Here at THEIMPRINT Singapore, our premium leather tote bags have a base dimension of 15 cm x 34 cm which makes it light and easy to carry wherever you go.

The longevity of a tote bag depends on its materials and how frequently you use it. Our sophisticated leather tote bags here at THEIMPRINT are durable and sturdy enough to last you for several years with proper care.

A tote bag should be able to fit your choice of items comfortably as well as come in a durable material that will last through daily usage. THEIMPRINT tote bags are made from premium Saffiano microfiber leather that will last you a lifetime while still having space for daily necessities, changes of clothes, or personal electronic devices.