What is Magic Colour Changing Mug?


How does a Magic Colour Changing Mug work?

Magic colour changing mug is also normally known as heat sensitive mug. From this name, we can tell that this mug simply changes colour when it comes into contact with heat. 

When the hot drink is poured into the mug, the coating loses it's colour revealing your printing on the white background. Typically, the heat sensitive coating will turn invisible at a temperature of 50-70℃. 

The external of the magic mug is coated with a layer of thermochromic paint - a paint that is sensitive to changes in temperature. This type of ink is commonly found in baby bottles, car engines, kettle and much more other common product.

Advantages of Magic Mug

  • Unique novelty gift
  • A special gift for all occasions
  • High-quality printing
  • No limitation of artwork (no colour limit) 

 Disadvantages of Magic Mug

  • Coating prone to sharp scratches
  • The silhouette of the image can be slightly seen under the black coating at the normal state (Given that temperature in Singapore is approx 30℃)
  • It is not recommended for microwave, as it may affect the the coating in the long-run

Common misunderstanding

The image cannot be printed on the black coating. The print is at the base of the mug (below the coating). When the mug is chilled, the mug will be completely black and the image/printing will only appear when contact with heat.

What is the printing size of the mug? 

The maximum printing area of the mug is 20.2cm by 8.5cm. However, we would recommend you to design with a higher proportioned dimension to get an even higher quality print.  

Find out how to design your own mug today!  

What is the mug printing method? 

The mug is printed using heat-transfer. This allows unlimited colour, high definition and permanent print! This also allows us to have no MOQ! 

How much does it cost to get a customised magic mug?

For one customised magic colour changing mug, it is $18.

For bulk order, check out the bulk order price chart here.