Softbound vs Hardbound: Differences between Softbound and Hardbound Notebooks

We welcomed the new year with the new release of our A5 Saffiano Notebooks in Softbound covers. Just like it's Hardbound cousin, our Softbound notebooks are available in our 4 signature colours Black, Burgundy, Navy and Nude with Lined or Blanked pages.

With this, we have compared and consolidated a list of the top 3 pros and cons of using a Softbound or a Hardbound to better help you decide which type is best suitable for you.



Naturally softbound notebooks are more lightweight as compared to the hardbound notebooks. Hardbound notebooks, due to the hard cover, tends to be more bulky when carried around.



2. Convenience for Travelling

Softbound notebooks are flexible and can easily be bent. Fitting into a small bag should be no issue (thats if you don't mind it being slightly bent). However, the hardbound notebooks are sturdier & firm and it will take up more space. It will be some extra load to carry them.



3.Convenience for Writing

Hardbound notebooks, thanks to its stiff cover, makes it easier for you to use it on any surface to do a quick note taking. It can be on a curved surface, a rough surface or even on your forearms, the presence of the stiff back won't let the nature of the surface interfere much with your writing.

As for Softbound notebooks, we'll need to be more patient with finding a decent surface which won't bring hiccups to your writing. Uneven or rough surfaces will most likely cause your writings to be slightly messy and less distinct.

On the bright side, the flexible feature of the softcover allows you to roll the book should you find it as more convenient to carry around that way.


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