Happy Mother's Day

Our moms deserve the best.

Our moms are always there for us rain or shine. They raised us, pampered us, scolded us and of course, love us unconditionally more than anyone else in the world. How can we ever thank our moms enough for everything they did for us? Mothers’ Day is around the corner and we know you’d like to celebrate the Wonderwomen in your life as much as we do.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of gift ideas so that you don’t have to wreck your brains thinking of one. Finding the perfect gift shouldn’t be overwhelming, so take a look at our Top 5 Mothers’ Day gift ideas to wow your mama bear this Mothers’ Day.

Nude Saffiano ID Cardholder Lanyard with Zip 

#1: Personalised Saffiano ID Cardholder Lanyard with Zip

Help mom to keep her cards and some loose change organised with this Saffiano ID Cardholder Lanyard with Zip. This lanyard can safely secure mom’s cards while she’s out working or running errands while still looking subtle and elegant. You can also choose to top it off with a little personal touch by monogramming it with her name so that she knows it is made especially for her.

Personalised Mug

#2: Customised Mugs

We all know moms take a billion photos; family photos, photos of their children, pets, selfies… She deserves the best in return. What's better than to collate some of her favourite captured memories onto a mug? So that she’ll always be reminded of you whenever she has her morning coffee.

Personalised Saffiano Leather Notebook

#3: Personalised Saffiano Leather A5 Notebook

Working mummies or stay-at-home mummies, they’re all equally busy. Whether it is taking down notes in a meeting or writing down the recipe for your favourite meal, you can never go wrong with a Saffiano Leather A5 Notebook. You can even personalise it further by monogramming her name so that everyone knows that the book belongs to this super mom.



#4: Handcrafted Make-up Brushes (by 13rushes)

Here is a little something for our fashionista moms. Sometimes mom can be too busy taking care of everyone in the house and tend to forget about herself. Pamper her this Mother's  Day with a set of handcrafted, cruelty-free and locally designed makeup brushes that she can use during her daily makeup routines.


Thrifty Theives

#5: Pressed Flowers Earrings (by Thrifty Thieves)

For our Artisan moms out there, this gift will definitely win you the spot as her favourite child. Gift her with a set of pressed flowers earrings by Thrifty Thieves’ TIMELESS collection which suits any occasion. Let it be company dinners or casual lunch with her friends, mom can flaunt this bespoke piece of accessory anywhere and everywhere. 

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