Best Valentine’s Gift for 2019

Valentine’s Day, a day officially set aside for lovers to celebrate themselves is fast approaching once again. St. Valentine may have paid the ultimate price for the sake of love while Romeo and Juliet equally did same a long time ago, however the importance of love and mutual affection still remains as strong as ever.  Although, granted that showing love or being affectionate is something that ought to be expressed always, it still does not diminish the importance of Valentine’s Day as the official day for lovers.

Ideally, the act of giving out gift may appear like a simple thing to accomplish without paying too much attention to it but experiences have shown that getting specific gifts that would ‘hit the bulls eye’ when presented is not as easy as it seems on the face value. No one would find it funny, in fact it would be depressing to realize that a gift you offered was found to be utterly useless and thus ended up in the trash basket! This may seem to be too far-fetched but in reality, it happens way too often. This may not necessarily be because they don’t like your face or the overtures you made towards them but what if they couldn’t find any use for your gift? Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure that any gift we spend our money, time and resources becomes truly valued and useful to those we give it to.

Below in no particular order, are the ideal gifts to give to special people in our lives on February 14.

Customized Mugs

Everyone uses a mug almost on a daily basis as a container to hold their liquids before gulping them down their esophagus. This is what makes the mug a utility gift almost everyone will find useful. For enhanced special effect, you can customize the mug with an interesting Valentine message or any message or text that will ring a bell with the person the gift is meant for. 

Hand Bag

This gift is apparently ideal for ladies. Depending on how much you want to spend on a hand bag, you can go for designer ones and for added effect, you can engrave their name, a pet name you call them or just their initials on it, and be rest assured that your girlfriend or wife will find it useful.

Wrist Watch

Another gift you will likely not go wrong with, is the wrist watch. Virtually almost everyone gets to wear a wrist watch sometimes, if not always. Therefore, going for a wrist watch won’t be a bad idea at all.

Game Machine

It’s no longer news that men and boys alike love playing games. Are you looking for a Valentine gift that will most likely have a wow effect on your boyfriend or husband? Can you afford to spend some cool cash on a gift? Then get a Playstation or Xbox and they will be appreciative and thank you for it.

Teddy Bear

There is no gain restating the fact that ladies love teddy bears. That is why you can see ladies cuddling them, keeping them on the sofas or even beside them on the bed. The gift of a teddy bear is one they will likely welcome with open arms and a smile.

Gift Basket

You can go for consumables as a gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. A sumptuous collection of tasty crispy cookies, chocolate truffles, handcrafted gourmet popcorn etc can all be filled into a basket and presented to your loved one.

Boxers and Pants

Boxers and pants are ideal inner wears worn by both sexes. However, in buying this type of gift for someone special on Val’s Day, you should already have a prior knowledge of their waist size to ensure you don’t end up getting something that would be too loose or too tight to be worn. Thus, if you are thinking of gifts for him Singapore or even just as a birthday gift Singapore, you can certainly try this out.

The list as shown above is by no means exhaustible, as there are several other gifts that couldn’t be listed here due to paucity of space. Be that as it may, the basic thing to do before penciling down on any gift is to make sure that the person you are giving it to will find it useful, one way or the other.

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