Latest iPhone SE (2020) phone covers fit iPhone 7/8 phone covers?

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2020) Comparision

The new iPhone SE (2020) is now out and is selling from S$649. 

If you are getting a new cover for your iPhone SE (2020), here is a fun fact, your old iPhone 7/8 phone case is able to fit your iPhone SE (2020) as they are the same dimensions. 

iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2020) Dimensions

Dimension of iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone SE








Photos Source: Apple

The new iPhone SE (2020) is the exact same dimension as the iPhone 8. 

Will iPhone 7/8 phone case fit iPhone SE (2020)?

If you check out Apple's accessory for iPhone SE phone case, at the bottom of the page, the compatibility of the phone case is suitable for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

According to Apple's official accessory page:

Photos Source: Apple

Not only Apple's but also many other third-party phone case brands such as Spigen, Otterbox, and others are also listed both phone cases as compatible. We are also proud to announce that all TheImprint iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Cases are compatible with the new iPhone SE (2020) respectively.

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