Why You Should Always Endeavor to Present Gift to Others Regardless of its Size

One interesting thing about gift giving is that it happens to be one of the simplest things you can give to others without strings attached. In other words, gift giving in its ideal form, should not be conditional or attached to a requirement that has to be fulfilled before it is given. Therefore, it should always be free; from one party who on their own volition, willing decides to give to another party maybe in appreciation, as a favor, show of gratitude, expression of love, sympathy or just to strengthen ties with them. Studies have shown that the simple act of giving gift in any form be it in cash or goods can significantly contribute to stronger ties between individuals, groups, organizations, countries etc.

According to psychologists, the act of gift giving is an important part of human and social interaction because it helps in bonding and strengthens relationships between people within a family, group of friends, relatives or between larger entities like organizations or countries. One intriguing thing about gift is that they are mostly appreciated regardless of how big or little they may be. Therefore, a gift may be as humongous as the Taj Mahal or as little as a loaf of bread. What really matters is the mindset with which it was presented as well as those they were meant for.

Here are ‘ordinary’ gifts you can give to others in good faith  

  • Recipe Book

As humans, we all love food and it is also a part of life, and one of the basic necessities of life. However, before food can be consumed, it mostly requires to be cooked or at least baked, garnished etc. In all these, a collection of diverse ingredients would be needed and in their right proportions for us to make it tasty and edible for consumption. This is where a recipe book comes handy and with lots of exotic foods available both locally and from all the continents of the world. It is only a recipe book that can help you to get it right when you want to try out any of these foods. You can present a recipe book to others as a gift and they will thank you for it.   

  • Funky Mug

Personally, I like collecting novelty mugs and sometimes they become massed in the drawers and shelfs. During such times, I will simply pick some handfuls and start giving them out as gifts to others. I’m not alone in this sort of collecting and giving out later as I know a few others who do likewise. Maybe, you can as well consider doing same if you have a lot of mugs thanyou can ever make use of. On the other hand, you can equally buy them and give to others as gifts. For added effects, you can engrave their names, initialls or just a personal message on the mugs before giving them out.

  • Pet

This sort of gift does not come all the time. Granted that it may appear unusual to see someone giving out a kitten or puppy as a gift, however, it is not completely out of place. If you have a pet at home and it procreates, you may decide to give out the offspring as a gift to someone you know would love such type of pet. The emphasis on this type of gift is to make sure that the person you intend to gift it would appreciate it since it’s not everyone that loves to keep pets.

  • Cookies

Statistics have shown that most people love eating cookies and that includes me and probably you as well. Despite that, many people will still wait all year before making their traditional holiday cookies. You may decide to fill this void by making special cookies and share them with others as a gift.

  • Books

Books are interesting objects because they are enlightening and filled with knowledge. Most people who are literate will appreciate the gift of a great book. There are ‘tons’ of classic books that were written in the past, and all genres of literature have them in abundance. The catch here is to understand the type of person the recipient is in order to know the type of book that will interest them. There are books on history, politics, motivational, health, food etc. His personality would give you a hint on the type of book that would interest them.   

Give a decent gift today regardless of how big or little, and you can be guaranteed of having a special place in the heart of the receiver. What matters is the heart of the giver and the true intentions behind it.    

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