Tips to Customize a Mug Yourself

Nobody's morning routine is finished without a mug of tea or coffee. Also, definitely everybody would concur that there is nothing like to do when it is cold than happily curling up with a cup of hot tea. In any case, you realize what might make these things fun? A personalized mug! With an exceptional personalized mug, you can make certain that nobody will get confused and by chance take yours. An individual mug can likewise be a good gift that will make any beneficiary feel special. Furthermore, in case you're crafty, selecting a design and finding inventive approaches to apply it will be the ideal outlet for your innovativeness! Here we have recorded couple of tips to create and customize a mug yourself or for a Unique Gifts Singapore

Purchase or find a coffee mug

Ensure the mug has no writing or design on it. White is desirable over use as your "canvas."

  • Repurpose one from home: Use a special mug your friend or family part cherishes from home as long as it is plain and has no design. You will likewise need to ensure its fit as you would prefer not to personalize a mug that is at the end of its usefulness.
  • Get one from craft store: A number of craft stores sell a collection of white, plain mugs in a range of sizes effortlessly.
  • Wash and dry mug prior to personalizing: Even if it is a mug from your home, ensure that it has been washed and dried completely before you kick start your craft.


Create your mug design

On one hand, you could do your best design on the mug, however in the event that you are planning to put an explicit shape or a name on the mug you'll have to outline out and maybe even create a design template to use as your guide.

  • Search online for designs you like: Print the design and create a template utilizing tracing paper. Look for a design with strong lines that will fit pleasantly on the mug. Maintain some distance from difficult designs as painting or transferring it to mug might be difficult or time consuming.


  • Purchase letter stencils that will fit your mug: Personalization implies that you might need to put a name on the mug or even an adorable "inside" saying. Find lettering that will compliment your design so your overall mug flows.

Paint the background first

You might need to "layer" the personalized mug by painting the background first except if you need the white background.

  • Select a shade that will compliment and not conflict with your overall design. You ought to pick something neutral, however, alleviating to cover your mug.
  • Consider just painting one side of the mug or go for a two-tone mug. Contingent upon on how you have it in mind to design your mug, you could paint just one side or choose two colors for either side. Ensure the colors function admirably together-for instance, you could choose school colors from the beneficiary's university for the dual colored mug.
  • Wait for the background to totally dry before painting the main design. Something else, paint could combine and create a messy look.

Transfer your design to the mug

Utilize a wax-pencil to transfer the design to the mug by tracing or simply following the printed design.

  • Consider utilizing dainty masking tape to block detailed regions of the design to help keep the paint lines clean.
  • Shape the design so that you could paint around it. In the occasion you will create to a greater degree of graphic design that contained circles and shapes, you could remove your shapes and lightly tape (utilizing tape rings on the back of the paper) the shapes to your mug. At that point you could paint over or around the shapes to create a "reverse" impact.

Add your message

Hold up until the mug is totally dry and after that include the beneficiary's name or message.

  • Consider utilizing a paint pen instead of a brush. Except if you are working with wide-set lettering, attempt a paint pen for more control over the letters. Ensure the paint is made for ceramic application.
  • Include some of special touches inside your mug, for example, an insider saying or even a couple of handmade hearts or stars. A small “personalized” surprise can include a joke or saying among you inside or below the mug.

If you are feeling un-artistic try services for Personalised Gifts Singapore according to your requirements.

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