Homemade Gifts you can give to a Special One

Granted that homemade gifts are way cheaper than going to the neighborhood shop or mall to shop for one, but that’s not where its advantage ends. A homemade gift is uncommon, in the sense that you can’t just walk into any shop and grab one for a fee. This is one huge attribute of a homemade gift; that special or would I say customize-able touch that goes in tandem with it can’t be bought in the market.

The tricky part in going for a homemade gift is not just how to arrange for one that won’t end up becoming expensive before you’re done preparing it but getting one that would be a fit for the occasion and equally “hit a bulls eye” in terms of acceptance by the recipient.   

One interesting thing about some of these homemade gifts is the fact that any random rookie can actually prepare them with ease without making a mess of it.

Some of the gifts mentioned below are not necessarily home-grown but they were included in order to diversify your choice which you can find at gifts for him Singapore.

  1. Personalized Wooden Hangers

Well, you may not necessarily have to cut the woods and fix the metal hooks yourself; that would be asking for too much. Rather, you can easily order a handful of hangers from Amazon or other online stores, or just anywhere you can conveniently source for them. However, the uniqueness of it lies on how you will be able to personalize it for the person the gift is meant for.  

  1. Soft Pillows

Can you handle a needle and thread? If you answered yes, then making soft pillows may be a great idea. You can stuff old clothes made of silk into beautiful materials and sew them into pillows. You will be amazed at how great they will look when you are done. Another added advantage of going for homemade soft pillow is the fact that you will spend next to nothing for the entire materials and sewing too can be a simple task provided you can handle needles effectively.

  1. Monogram Wreath

For a simple yet classy and of course cheap homemade gift, a monogram wreath may be what you need. You can carve the initials of their name and use a bouquet of flower or ribbon to design it.  Either way, you can be rest assured of having a beautiful gift to present.

  1. Homemade Hand Print Apron

Virtually everyone that lives in a decent home has got a kitchen and cooking some delicacies or at least preparing the coffee, is what most people would want to do every now and then. Therefore, going for a homemade hand print apron would certainly be on point as a good gift.

  1. Luggage Tag

A luggage tag may appear like a very simple gift on the face value, however its worth becomes significantly enhanced when you personalize it with the name or initials of the person the gift is meant for. This can be done perfectly by monogram.

  1. Phone Ring

A phone ring fits the bill as a little but beautiful gift to offer someone. There are designer ones with different designs and make up, and all you need to do is to personalize it or buy the one that has a design that would appeal to the person you want to gift it.

  1. A Relevant Book

Reading is an act that many still relishes, and regardless of how busy some peoples day-to-day schedule can be, they still struggle to make space for reading during their free time. In going for a book as a gift, it mustn’t be the one you authored. Of course, you may not have written a book in the genre that will appeal to them specifically. Therefore, you can order for one online or buy at the nearest mortar and brick bookshop close to you. However, the emphasis when buying a book is to make sure that the person would find it relevant. Don’t forget to add a personal message or their names on the cover or inside page.

Like stated earlier, not all the gifts mentioned must be prepared at home in a do it yourself (DIY) procedure. It all depends on what works for you and what sort of gift you want to give.

Thus, whether you are looking for birthday gift Singapore or any other gifts, TheImprint is certainly the way to go.

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    I would like know if you are customised some apron with A logo.thanks

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