Getting The Perfect Gift for All Ages

Getting the perfect gift can be a chore sometimes especially when you are gifting to a special someone from a different age group than yourself. With different interests and preferences, it may seem hard to think of something that would serve as a useful gift but we got your back with our suggestions for the perfect gift for all ages.

#1 Saffiano Keychains

Nothing can go wrong with a simple, personalised keychain. With classy gold hardware, our Saffiano Keychain will help to keep all your keys organised while looking premium. House keys, car keys.. or no keys? No problem. This handy accessory can also double up as a simple tag to hang on backpacks or handbags for a more personalised look.

#2 Saffiano Cardholder

Our Saffiano ID Cardholder is an excellent accessory to help keep extra cards organised. It can hold 4 cards and has a slot in the middle for notes and coins while still looking sleek. Being small and practical, it is the perfect addition to be slotted in any purse or wallet.

#3 A5 Saffiano Notebooks

You can never have too many notebooks! Let it be for studies, work or just simply personal use, a good notebook can do wonders. No more writing names on the front page because you can opt to get your name or initials personalised on the cover for a more unique look. Available in Blank or Lined pages in Hardbound or Softbound covers, we have one that can best fit your needs!

#4 Customised Mugs

Let it be coffee, tea or simply just water. You can never go wrong with gifting a good, sturdy and durable mug. Make it even more special by getting it customised with your favourite memories together imprinted on it! Feeling less artsy? We do have ready-made templates for you to choose from and customising a piece would be as easy as 1, 2, 3! This unique addition would be perfect for work or home and they will always be reminded of you whenever they get their favourite drink.

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