Classic Inexpensive Gifts We Can Give To Loved Ones

The state of being broke is what nobody likes to experience but the fact still remains that almost everyone gets to experience it at one point in life of another. I have been there myself on a number of occasions and I must say that it’s indeed an unsavory experience to pass through. This article was penned down to help folks who are already taking austerity measures due to a not so buoyant financial status. You don’t necessarily have to back out completely from showering your loved ones with gift just because you’re trying to conserve scarce resources. Therefore, you need to cheer up because it’s not as bad as it seems. I’m about to show you an array of nice but inexpensive gifts you can give to those you hold dear to your heart without having to break the bank.

The good news about some of these gifts is that they can actually be made at home and one good thing about homemade gifts is that they are not just generally less expensive but equally more special simply because they are personalized for specific individuals.

Without much ado, let’s take a ride together as we go down the path of homemade inexpensive gifts that are presentable.

Simple Water Color Portraits

But I’m not an artist… Did I just hear you whisper that? Not so fast, my dear! I know you’re certainly not a modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci and neither am I saying you should draw the Monalisa or something close to it, rather, a simple water color portrait is what anyone who is a little crafty can do. You can give it a try but if you find it extremely hard, please ignore it and continue scrolling down.   

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Some of these wooden kitchen utensils can be ridiculously inexpensive yet so valuable. Why not get some of them, package and deliver accordingly. The person that receive it will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Everyone gets to use a towel for sundry purposes like in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool etc. You can get some towels of different sizes and personalize them with inspiring messages or any other texts that would strike a note in them.

ID Holder and Lanyard

This personalized classic leather ID Cardholder lanyard that comes with a gold clasp can easily bring out elegance without even making any effort. You can also make it classier and more adorable by monogramming the person’s name or initials on it.

Personalized Cutting Board

Here is another inexpensive gift item that could be valued a lot more than its monetary value. Chopping up veggies in the kitchen is a part of cooking and sometimes the old cutting board may be worn out while we keep procrastinating on when to replace it. By personalizing it with a flattering message about their cooking prowess could be motivating.   

Personalized Passport Holder

Most people have got a passport with which they travel around. Some people may not give it a thought to put it in a safe leather passport cover. Therefore, a gift of personalized passport cover with the would be recipient’s name or initials monogrammed on it could prove to be a cherished gift item.

For a really classy feel, you should go for such types like the Black Saffiano, Burgundy Saffiano, Navy Saffiano, or the Nude Saffiano passport cover, which would be great as gifts for him Singapore.

Tablet/Phone Stand

Today, there are virtually more phone gadgets than there are adults. Everyone has got a phone or tablet so a gift of tablet stand is something that most people will find valuable. You can go for the one-size-fits-all type that could prove handy for their phone, laptop or tablet.

Personalized Notebook

Another inexpensive but utility gift that every individual will find useful is a notebook. For enhanced feel, you can personalize with a special flattering message on the cover that will always inspire them each time they look at it.

Jar Opener

This item is obviously meant to be used in the kitchen, but its attractiveness is based on its inexpensive nature yet very important. Come to think of it, not a few things are now produced in jars and with the jar opener, you can easily open them without much fuss.

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