Amazing Benefits That Comes to Habitual Givers

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Unknown to many, the two words “Thank You” and an appreciative smile are not the only benefit one can get on giving out a gift to others. Studies have shown that there are indeed a whole lot of benefits you stand to get as listed below.

The “Cheerful Giver”

According to a study that was conducted, the act of giving activates certain regions in our brain that are directly associated with social connection, pleasure, trust, a euphoric ‘warm glow’ attitude etc. Also, a different study equally discovered that giving money (or spending it on gifts on behalf of another person) enhanced the participants’ mood and made them happy more than when they spend same on themselves!  

Most world religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddha etc all emphasized on the importance of giving to others as a Godly attribute. The Bible particularly has a popular saying about how “God loves a cheerful giver “

On the other hand, practically, experience has shown that giving and happiness actually go in tandem with each other. All manners of giving whether cash based or through gifts may cost you financially, however, the benefit that comes to you is no less important.

Giving Enhances Your Health

Studies have also shown that those who voluntarily decide to give or help others in one way or the other are generally at less risk of suffering from depression, aches or pains. In other words, habitually giving to others would positively rub off on you health wise, and enhance your health and general wellbeing against diverse chronic health issues like multiple sclerosis, HIV etc. Giving when you are recovering from being an alcoholic can boost your mood, guard you against depression, and help prevent you from relapsing.

The major reason behind these attributes of giving is because when you have feelings of kindness, compassion and benevolence within you, it will leave little or no room for negative energy. Giving has been remotely connected in helping to reduce stress and blood pressure. Thus, you should certainly look out for personalized gifts Singapore.

Giving Is Contagious

In giving to others, you are subtly compelling others to do likewise. It is like a chain reaction that significantly encourages friendship and cooperation.

This has been proven through research on human relations where it was noted that when individuals consistently show altruism, they are unwittingly motivating others to do likewise. It was shown that, only reading about amazing acts of kindness done by others make individuals to be more generous. A particular study discovered that each individual within a network could influence as many as hundreds of others, regardless of whether there was a physical contact or not. The implication is that a notably generous act done by one person can effectively ignite a ripple effect others will key into.

Sharing Means You Care

Does this statement sound trite? Probably yes. However, it’s an absolute truism! Although, it is always easier and tempting—albeit selfish; to get things for just ourselves rather than for others. Instances such as giving up the last seat on a bus to someone else, asking people what you could get for them, using the last few cash in your wallet to buy someone else a gift when you could make use of same to buy a personal need among other similar acts of kindness all show you care.  

Sometimes, it may cost us little in the real sense of it when we share with others from what we have but its benefits to us can be immense.

Giving Can Give You A Drug-Free High

Did you know that selfless service like giving can give you a volunteer’s version of a runner’s high?

It has been discovered that many people who are engaged in charitable acts, volunteering to help others, spending your money or resources to support a good cause you are not in any way obligated to do, can ignite the release of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, into your bloodstream. This in turn triggers significant reduction in anxiety levels which in turn leads to positive feelings within you and towards others.      

Being a Giver Can Make You to Live Longer and Healthier

Recent studies have shown interesting facts on how being a habitual giver can help reduce mortality rates and also reduce blood pressure issues. Researchers have equally observed reductions in chronic pains and heart diseases, as well as noticeable improvements in immunoglobulin levels. Thus, if you are looking for gift shop Singapore, you should definitely approach TheImprint.

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